Tuesday, March 23, 2010

H.P. Lovecraft

So in the past few months I've gotten pretty knowledgeable in all things Lovecraft. Friends, Doug Simon and Kate Mcelroy, and I have been working on project of H.P. Lovecraft's The Statement of Randolph Carter. After much work, dedication, curses thrown at Flash, and sorry to say (but typical) lack of motivation at certain moments, and some denial of certain scenes on my part (damn you walk cycles!), we have a festival-worthy project that is almost complete!!

The entire project is to be done in Flash. I wish Flash were a person... because then I could punch Flash in the face. Don't understand why? Try doing the most simple thing in Flash... go ahead, try it, and see if you can do it so that Flash doesn't throw a tantrum...I dare you.

Randolph Carter (character designed by me and there is no relation to Doug Funny... he just seemed like a sweater vest type of guy). Doug designed the backgrounds and colored them, and I cleaned up and colored Carter.

Screen capture from another scene. Character designed by me, and animation done by me as well. Clean ups and backgrounds created by Doug Simon.

More updates posted when the motivation strikes me.

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