Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Monster Dad

Because even monsters need a day off. I imagine this scenario with this monster walking through the house, all grumpy, with three little monster kids running around with toys littering the floor as dad is just about to step on some sharp, painful toy. Or... perhaps a toy truck of some sort, causing him to slide across the room, into the wall, and breaking his precious "World's Greatest Dad" mug. Oh the slap-stick comedy potential.

2006, watercolor

The Hunters

More character designs also for Senior animation project. The horses are completely jointed for animation and attached by thread. 2007, gouache, paper cut-out.

Medieval King and Queen

Character designs created for Senior animation project. The king and queen are really only secondary characters at best but I still wanted to create the sense of a Medieval painting. The fact that they are not very important characters allowed me to emphasize the Medieval look by keeping them relatively flat and stiff.

2007, gouache, paper cut-out.