Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Figure Study

A figure study from a live model. This pose is pretty appropriate for the time that we live in. The slightly shabby clothing, the posture of almost sadness; it reminds me of a scene out of the Great Depression. It is like the man is down and out on his luck, maybe he hasn't had a hearty meal in days, waiting in line for something...food stamps...a job...hope? It wasn't all that long ago that a lot of people were feeling very similar to that. Perhaps this model, in real life, knows that scenario all too well.

conte on paper

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Screen Capture

A screen capture from my senior animation project. The horse and the knight are animatable in a paper cut-out style. The background was heavily inspired by Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" background artist Eyvind Earle. The two trees in the foreground were added later in Adobe After Affects to create that famous Disney multi-plane camera look. I would love to have made an actual multi-plane camera but... gosh darn those things are tricky and involved, and I am just not construction handy.

gouache, paper cut-outs, stop-motion, 2007